A new Tea Time for Covai

One of India’s fast-growing Tea Franchise Chain ‘Desi Tea Time’ inaugurated its first outlet and its Café Club (for snacks and coffee) in Coimbatore near Dist. Collectorate road on Wednesday. Vanathi Srinivasan, VP, BJP-TN inaugurated the outlet.

Tea Time offers 13 varieties of Tea which are mostly priced at Rs.10 per cup. The Founder of the company S.Uday conveyed that they procure tea leaves directly from the tea farmers, and they visit their tea plantations directly to inspect the quality. No middle-men are used in procuring tea leaves. He said that great care is taken to see that the quality & freshness of the tea leaves are maintained.

In 2 years, 700+ Tea Time outlets have been launched in  14 States in the country, and even during lockdown, they did not run out of tea leave stock, it was conveyed.  “In all our shops, the tea powder that is used once to make a cup of tea will not be re-used to make another”, Uday underlined.  “Today everyone consumes tea daily. We want to give the common man quality, fresh and tastier tea at the affordable cost”, stressed the company’s CEO S.Kabilan.

From Left: Arul, Director, SMKB Associates Pvt.Ltd, S.Kabilan, CEO and R.Elango, Kongu Region Master Franchisee, Desi Tea Time.

“Vanathi Srinivasan insisted us to procure tea-leaves from farmers in Nilgris region. We are planning to visit them tomorrow and also the Nilgris Tea Board. She also suggested that we hire single-parent for our outlet so that it may help them find livelihood. We find that to be a very good idea,” said S.Kabilan.

Kongu region’s Master Franchisee of Tea Time, R.Elango also said that they will introduce door-delivery of Tea at Rs. 99.  8 cups of tea will be sent in an eco-friendly flask that can hold the hotness for 45 minutes.