Submit report on Eye-health of students studying virtually – Madras HC

As a means of continuing educational activities amidst lockdown, educational institutions have deployed virtual learning process in different parts of India. From children in schools to teens and youth in colleges, all are undertaking online-classes.

Raising concern for their eye-health, an advocate in Chennai -Vimalanathan has filed a petition in Madras High Court stating that educational institutions should be allowed to conduct online classes only for 2 hours a day. He also mentioned that further orders regarding digital learning should be given after getting the views of expert-ophthalmologists were asked.

This case is being heard by Judges Subbiah and Krishnan Ramaswamy. Advocate Raveendran appeared for the petitioner. He pointed that the retina is likely to get affected more and that might cause stress and mental depression when students continue to expose their eyes to digital displays. He said regarding this there are many researches and he submitted such research studies that have been made in USA in the court.

The Dean of Egmore Government Eye Hospital has been asked by the court to submit a detailed report on the impact of viewing smartphone/laptop screens continuously while students are undertaking online classes. The hearing will be held on June 25.