Our knowledge can alleviate the agony of poor

Most of the houses and offices in the urban and city areas seek the assistance of domestic workers to maintain their building-spaces in neat manner. These workers depend wholly on the clients for their livelihood.

While butlers are employed in houses in Europe and Americas, women are mostly given jobs to take care of the regular chores in a house in India. The relationship between a domestic worker and an employer is built on trust, and as time progress that turns into mutual care. In some cases we hear different stories however that is only in very few instances.

During this COVID-19 crisis, employers may find some difficulties in running their daily life smoothly. They may have second thoughts about getting the help of the domestic workers during this time. At such moments, humanity’s generosity should be expressed.

Domestic workers take on their shoulders a heavy burden and for them kindness should be extended at least till the lockdown comes to an end on June 30. A small support through the means of grocery or some financial assistance could be given.

Support does not always mean giving money but helping the poor to find the ways in which they can seek relief. There are so many government benefits for the poor that the domestic workers can avail at this time, as most of them don’t make much in a month and fall under poverty-line.

Showing them the way to respite is also a huge way of supporting them. On them we placed our faith and on us they placed theirs. Let us lighten their burdens.