50+ KPR Engineering College – 2021 Batch students receive internship offers during lockdown

Casting the shackles of lockdown aside, 50+ students of KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology (KPRIET) have successfully received career-internships from reputed companies with handsome salary packages.
KPRIET did not let the lockdown lock away the students’ opportunities to acquire knowledge or reach higher with their aspirations. Dr.Akila, Principal, KPRIET has taken the initiatives to ensure that students learn their curriculum and prepare for the forthcoming semester examinations.

Dr.Akila , said “Under the guidance of our Chairman Dr.K.P.Ramasamy, various initiatives were taken to make faculty and students participate in virtual teaching and learning respectively. We came across many open-source mobile applications like Google Classroom, Zoom, Google meet, CISCO Webex etc that could be used in teaching/learning process. Video lectures and explanation are sent to students’ mobile/laptop through Google Classroom.

Just like how academics was handled through online mode, the Placement training sessions were also conducted via Google Classroom. When we approached Placement Director of the college Dr.Thamaraikannan regarding the achievement of students in getting this valuable career-internship, he said “the interview for career-internships was held online and more than 50+ KPRIET students (2021 Batch) got internship offers during the lock down.
Top companies like QπAI inc, HPE, KAAR, BSH etc., have offered internships to over 50+ students of the college after the online interview.

The selected students will be provided with paid internship of Rs.20000 – Rs.25000 per month and after completion of the internship they would be paid with salary package of Rs.5 Lacs – Rs.16 Lacs per annum.

KPRIET Placement team is dedicated and determined to train and place the students in reputed companies. Our Chairman Dr.K.P.Ramasamy inspire us to make the impossible, possible. I hope my team feels proud today and confident in our ability to rise to our next challenge”.