Indian start-up uses A.I. based tech to detect Covid-19 a start-up in Mumbai that makes use of Artificial Intelligence to provide healthcare solutions was reported by The Print to have developed a X-Ray Technology that could detect Covid-19 with the help of A.I. The new technology from will investigate a person’s chest (lungs) area for patterns that would occur due to Covid-19. If there is any indication of impact, it would detail it in the report.

“The technology looks for … pulmonary opacity on the lungs, which at times is also an indication of viral pneumonia or tuberculosis. However in Covid-19 it is found in both lungs, and towards the periphery of the lung” explained Co-founder and CEO of Prashant Warier to The Print

Talking further about the technology, he said “ it will automatically detect radiological findings indicative of Covid-19 in seconds, enabling physicians and radiologists to more effectively triage Covid-19 cases, especially in a emergency environment”

He opined that due to lack of enough test kits for Covid-19, this product can be used as a first step for determining who’s the most likely to test positive for coronavirus. Accordingly the swab-based PCR Test can be done for confirmation. was reported to be working with State Governments in India to make the technology available in Government Hospitals. Beside Indian government, the start-up also operates in 20 countries around the globe including US and Italy.