PSG Hospitals well prepared to tackle Covid-19 with Task Force

With Covid-19 affecting lives on a global scale, countermeasures are being taken by every nation. PSG Hospitals, after the very first incidence of coronavirus impact in India about, convened a dedicated team of experts and allotted a significant and separate portion of their hospital to treat Covid-19 patients, should the need arise.
A press conference was held on Saturday (28.3.2020) chaired by Dr.S.Ramalingam, Dean, PSG IMSR along with the leading members of the Covid-19 Task Force.

Dr.S.Ramalingam said “Coronavirus is affecting our country but our work started earlier”. He shared doctors with right expertise have been put together. Since it is an infectious disease, the team has Dr.Murali, Chairperson, Hospital Infection Control Committee on board. As the virus is known to affect the lungs more, Dr. R.Karthikeyan, Lungs Specialist is roped in.

Coronavirus tends to spread in the community. An experienced Community-Physician and expert in Epidemiology would be an asset, so Dr.Sudha Ramalingam was added. Children are vulnerable to this disease, and to treat them and look into how the disease could impact children, Pediatricians Dr.A.Jayavardhana has been added.Covid-19 is a virus based disease and so Dr.Lavanya, Professor of Microbiology has been roped in the team.
He further conveyed that PSG Hospitals allotted its newly built B-Block for treating Covid-19 patients. 200 beds have been allocated for the patients. 20 Beds have been set aside for critical care, while 10 of them will have ventilator facilities. The A-Block of the hospital is set aside for attending other emergencies as per Govt’s order.
The Task force has come up with a manual contains guidelines that start from screening of patients till discharge.

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