Classrooms, Books & Teachers integral in shaping the youth

– V.Shamuganathan, Former Governor of AP at KASC’s Annual Day

Kongunadu Arts and Science College (KASC) held its College Day Celebrations on Friday at the Marappa G.Aruchami Auditorium in the College.

V.Shanmuganathan, Former Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Meghalaya was the Chief Guest. Dr.C.A.Vasuki, Secretary and Director, KASC presided over.

In her Presidential Address, Dr.C.A.Vasuki said that the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

She shared her views on how the vision of educational institutions should be. She said institutes should have a vision that is charismatic enough to draw students toward it.

At Kongunadu Arts and Science College, the college’s vision is clearly desgined to instill the value of patriotism, brotherhood and education to make them complete human beings, she said.

Talking about developments in Education in the country, she said access to quality education is rising and the human resource here is rapidly developing.

She expressed her hopes that the new educational policy by the Indian Govt., will make India an international higher educational hub, and this will make the nation shine even better.

Dr.Lekeshmanaswamy, Principal, KASC presented the various academic, sports, extra curricular and extension activity reports.

The Chief Guest in his address said that Swami Vivekananda’s wish that Indians should live for the glory of India is what inspired him and he encouraged the students to be what Swami wanted.

He conveyed the value of classrooms and how instrumental they are in shaping the minds of students.

Citing the importance of book-reading, he shared how in his favorite book ‘A Study of History’ by historian Arnold J. Toynbee’, the author holds high of Indian Icons Buddha, Gandhi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and how he values India.
He asked them to develop the habit of book reading to brighten their brilliance.

Advising the students to have deep regards for teachers, he mentioned the song ‘Guruvai Varuvai’ and said how scholars of time immemorial revered Gurus high. He wished that students of today develop a cordial optimistic and learning relationship with teachers.

He encouraged the students to have productive friends and be cautious of digital delusions and illusions induced by poor choice of friends. He wished the student-community to ignore enemity and greed. “This is the time to raise high in academic, career and societal aspirations. This is a competitive period where opportunities is hiding amidst challenges. Efficiency in language and personality is important. Time for merriment can be slotted for later”

Post the address, scholarships, meritorious awards and prizes for various academic and extracurricular awards were given away by the Chief Guest. Following this, cultural programs were held in which the Students paraded their talent.