Roast it, Salt it, Boil it…. Groundnuts are healthy to eat everyday

Most of would have munched a handful of peanuts/groundnuts in our childhood and continue to do so as adults. Roasted, Salted or boiled; eaten in any way it makes a good snack for the evening times.

But, apart from just being a snack, do you know that Peanuts can prevent a person from the risk of getting heart diseases?  Read on to know more.There are many health-benefits in consuming it. It is the number one source of protein, vitamin E, magnesium, foliate, copper and arginine. Studies made by researchers show that peanuts are useful for those who wish to lose weight.

Researches show that those who ate groundnuts were less likely to die of heart strokes and diseases. Like other nuts, peanuts can help in lowering bad cholesterol and also reduce inflammation that causes heart diseases.

The Vitamin B3 in groundnuts assists in normal brain functioning and also aids in boosting memory power. So giving your kids a handful would be good. But kids may prefer sweets to this, and in such occasions, instead of sugary chocolates, give them a peanut bar.

Groundnuts can prevent Gallstones. It has been found that men who had 5 or more units of nuts in a week had a reduced risk of gallstone disease and women who had 5 or more units of nuts in a week had a lowered risk of gall bladder removal.

Caution: Some people may be allergic to certain type of nuts that includes peanuts. Taking more peanuts than the normal suggested amount could also affect the health condition. Always follow the Less is More type; and also check with your doctor whether you are allergic to groundnuts