PSG Star-Cricket match turns heads

Various academic heads of PSG Institutions and senior faculty came together to play cricket for the cause of firming their Friendship.

The participating PSG Faculty members were sorted into two groups – Team Singam led by their captain Dr.J.S.Bhuvaneshwaran and Team Tigers led by their captain Dr.B.Giriraj, Principal, PSG Polytechnic College. The Game was a friendly match and the usual rules were relaxed to make it more enjoyable for the players. Winning the toss, Team Singam chose to bat and scored 61 Runs in 10 overs.

Team Tigers lost by 20 runs but never felt defeated because of the continued cheers and love from their opponent as well as from the other members of PSG Family in audience. L.Gopalakrishnan, Managing Trustee, PSG  & Sons’ Charities took presented the medals to the players.