Nation that cares for citizens will not have liquor shops

– Actor Sivakumar at Uyir Short Film Contest Award Ceremony

Creative youth of the country can take any important message to the masses in a way that is crisp and clear. Uyir, a Coimbatore based trust formed by responsible and elite citizens of India to reduce road accidents, encouraged the youth of Tamil Nadu and the rest of India to showcase their creative short films in a competition on the theme “Road Safety” .

Short Films in 30 secs, 1 min and 3 mins were invited, and totally 125 films were nominated. The best were awarded prizes and certificates on 3.02.2020 at Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science. Actor Sivakumar was the Chief Guest and he gave away the prizes.

The Managing Trustee of Uyir, Dr.Rajasekaran in his address said 71% of accidents on road happen due to jumping traffic lights, using cell phones while riding, speeding and sleep driving, not fastening seat belts and avoiding helmets. By correcting these mistakes, 90% road accidents could be avoided.

He said about Uyir’s Target Zero (reducing road accidents to Zero) and the various initiatives that have been undertaken like installation of NPR- Cameras, Infrastructural Changes to make roads safe, speed controllers and barricades.

Actor Sivakumar shared the impacts of road accidents that is faced by victims and their parents. Appreciating the youth who made these films, he said “I am here because of the immense medical rehabilitation work that Uyir and Ganga Hospital does to road and fire accident victims.” He then said “a nation that cares for its citizens will not run liquor shops”, and requested the youth to follow road rules.

Speaking at the event, K.Rajamani, District Collector, Coimbatore said “ Uyir’s role in reducing life-loss and accidents is significant. Their work is laudable and their involvement and responsible nature is well-known. We are finding it hard to equate to their speed and in a situation to fully utilize them.”

Praising the CSR Initiatives of volunteering companies in Coimbatore, the collector said “ Coimbatore spends 300 Crores in CSR related welfare activities to benefit people, and it is a city that leads by being an example in water and lake restoration, infrastructure developments, medical care and education” Talking to the students about road safety, he asked them to adhere to the road rules and keep their parents in mind.”