Each family should think of converting vegetable wastes as manure

-Corp. Commissioner, Coimbatore at Sri Krishna Arts and Science College

Ministry of HRD (MHRD), Mahatma Gandhi National Council for Rural Education (MGNCRE), Hyderabad, Institutions Innovation Council and Sri Krishna Arts and Science College (SKASC),Kuniamuthur, Coimbatore jointly organised the Waste Management and Social Entrepreneurship- Two Day Industry – Academia Meet on 22.01.2020, Wednesday and will continue till 23.01.2020, Thursday at Sri Krishna Arts and Science College, Kuniamuthur campus.

Coimbatore Corporation Commissioner J.Sravan Kumar was the Chief Guest inaugurated the exhibition and spoke to the audience.

He said that handle the house wastes in a better way.  The present generation should give the same kind of environment to the next generation. Climate change is the major problem. Quality of handling waste is also very important to the organizations and people who convert the waste into a useful one. Each family should think of converting vegetable wastes as manure.

Each category of waste should be converted into some kind of energy. Otherwise we are dumping the wastes without any purposes.  Because of it, ultimately environment is affected. Youth should think as my waste is my responsibility and cleanliness should start from the individual who should take the responsibility of his own waste.

He asked the students to use two bins in your home and sanitary waste should be used in red colour bin. Each individual in Coimbatore is generating about 400gms waste and that should be controlled or converted in to wealth.  He informed the students not to put waste in the street, and we have to first refuse to take the plastics and reduce your consumption. Government is strictly imposing penalty for using the banned plastics.

Dr.Elangovan Kariappan, Assistant Innovation Director, Innovation Cell, MHRD, New Delhi was the Guest of Honour and spoke. He spoke about the usefulness of waste products especially granite dust and how it helped enhance the livelihood of women in rural areas.  He also spoke about how 3D printers which range from 40,000 to 4 crores can be made from Computer and laptop waste and costing just 7500.  He pointed out that Global Index Rating, India this time got a good rating, in the next few years we have to bring to 25.  He told that Waste Management is the need of the hour. In Delhi air pollution is a major problem.

Granite wastes are affecting the cultivation and trees, also creating lungs disease to the people. The granite wastes now converted in to bricks in Krishnagiri and also started a start-up company which was also registered and now function as a start-up and producing the bricks. It is one of the best examples about how the wastes are converted into a product.  Plenty of opportunities are available in wastes to start a start-up and for which Government is supporting. There are about 5500 Atel Tinkering Labs established in India in the schools under Atel Innovation Mission with a grant of 20 lacs to each school. By through, students from 6th standard to 12thstandard are given opportunities to involve in innovation and creativity.

E-wastes are now converted as 3D printing. Approximately two or three Mobile phones are simply kept in our home. These unused mobiles and other electronic wastes are converted to produce 3Dprinter. 70 %  of e-waste can be converted to a useful product. Bakery is now using 3d printer to print the name in chocolate.   There are a number of opportunities available in the wastes. Old laptops are collected to take coal from it. He also said that the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR)is funding to any person to invent a prototype, design or a product with 2 to50 lacs. So any person in our country can get it and use it.

Also Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute is supporting funds from 2 lacs to 5 lacs to the college students to invent a prototype, design or a product. There are funds available for converting wastes into wealth. Academic institutions should use this opportunity in converting the wastes as wealth to the nation and also to the world.   He encouraged the students to go for start-ups and new entrepreneur initiatives.

Dr.M.Dwarakanath, Former Director/Member Secretary, DST, Puducherry shared that the ground waste generates dangerous gases like methane which is extremely harmful for the environment. The garbage should be disposed in 3 bins- degradable, biodegradable and medicinal purpose. This has been implemented in many houses and apartments in Coimbatore and separate Lorries have also been allotted for the same. He hoped this method would be applied all over the country.

Bathula S.C.Naveen Kumar, Senior Faculty, Mahatma Gandhi National Council for Rural Education (MGNCRE),Hyderabad said in the occasion that MBA course on waste management is introduced in India by MHRD to sensitize the students on waste management. Government of India is taking various efforts to convert the wastes in to energy and wealth. Youth should play an important role in waste management.

In this expo, Waste Management related renowned organization stalls are exhibited their stalls and also experts in this field are going to speak. Students and faculties from schools and colleges, people from industry, NGO, SHG and those who involved in waste management visited the stalls and attended the workshop.