Planet X Aerospace introduces services, pledges to assist organ transfer

Air travel is the fastest ways to travel and transfer commodities from one end to the other. Aircrafts’ usage in transporting vital organs from a donor to a receiver is considered the safest and swiftest; and such services have started to emerge in Tamil Nadu.

Earlier in January 2020, there was a need for a fast-transport option in order to bring an harvested liver from a donor to Coimbatore’s hospital to help a needy patient in need of a transplant surgery;  PlanetX Aerospace Pvt Ltd, a Madurai based  Helicopter Aviation Charters and Aerospace Services company was ready enough to render their service. In just 20 minutes that organ arrived in Coimbatore from Madurai.

In the survival of that patient, PlanetX’s role is also integral. This company is run by a team of entrepreneurs from Madurai who are majorly Indian Air Force Veterans. PlanetX started its services in January 2020 and its operations also include Tourism Development through business class helicopter, Helicopter Air Charter, Aviation consultancy and Management services, Air adventure sports, providing training on Aerospace domain for college/school students, offering concessional skill development programs for Government institutions and much more.

Talking to A.Selvakumar, GM, PlanetX Aerospace Pvt Ltd, it was learned that the company is ready and available with the team for 24*7 for all Aviation needs. About saving the life of the needy patient in Coimbatore, he said “we saved the time, thereby saving that life. We only charge for the flying cost. Whatever the actuals are spent on the travel that is charged. We are not into money making with this.  My Vehicle is like ambulance and my number is like that of a Fire Emergency number. We are 200% ready to transport donated organs to needy with our choppers”