Students & Teachers should patent their inventions

– Dr Robert B Adieh, Dean, School of Law, Texas A & M University  

With the aspiration to become a 5 Trillion USD Economy, India has increased its investment in infrastructure and services. Commenting on India’s progress, Dr.Robert B. Adieh, Dean, School of Law, Texas A & M University said “India is one of the best countries for the world trade.”

Dr.Robert who was in Coimbatore recently to sign a MoU with Sri Krishna Institutions said higher education is essential in developing a country’s economic growth as well as enabling it to contribute to the world trade. He also wished that students to focus more on innovations, creativity and research.

Dr Robert and Dr.K.Sundararaman, CEO, Sri Krishna Institutions later inked the MoU that facilitates the faculty of Texas A & M to visit Sri Krishna Institutions every year to teach Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) courses in Sri Krishna campus in summer with necessary American certification.

In his address, Dr.Robert suggested the students and faculties to patent their products, research findings and innovations. One who innovates newly, immediately should think of patenting it. It is always good those who created a new product, should get patent first. Academic and research institutions should create awareness of patenting process to the inventors.