Covai Kids to receive polio vaccination this Sunday

1,581 centres have been established to give polio vaccination to children in Coimbatore on January 19. Poliomyelitis (Polio), is a dangerous disease that can create permanent disability in a person if proper vaccination is not given in their infancy.
For children under 5 years of age, polio vaccine drops is given.

This year, across the state of Tamil Nadu on January 15 (Sunday), Polio Vaccine is given to all the children. An estimated 3.34 lakh children in Coimbatore are expected to get Polio vaccine. In rural areas 1202 centres and in town sides 379 centres have been established.

36 centers have been set up in areas where public converge more (like Temples, Bus Stands, air port and railways station) and 18 mobile polio vaccine booths are also deployed.