Celebrate Pongal with Farmers & Villagers – Sadhguru

Pongal is a Tamil festival that is widely celebrated in Tamil Nadu and by all Tamil folks in different part of the country. Pongal is celebrated recognizing the invaluable work farmers give to society and celebrating them and livestock.

Conveying his Pongal wishes to all, Sadhguru said that we make our food from the soil by our toils. The bond between us and the soil is so special. During this ‘Maatu Pongal’, Sadhguru expressed his wish for people to celebrate the auspicious day with villagers especially with farmers instead of going to restaurant and movies.

He wished the youngsters in the city to visit the villages and take part in the Pongal celebrations and activities that happen there. If they are unable to do that, he recommended them to at least try wearing dhoti. Sadhguru wished that they remain connected with farmers in any possible way. He cautioned that if Tamil Language and Culture is not saved in this generation, then it may become lost. He wished all a prosperous and successful year.

In connection with this year’s Pongal festival, on 16.1.2020, from 3 p.m. to  7 p.m., Maatu Pongal will be celebrated in front of Adiyogi. Domestic cow breeds raised at Isha will be exhibited from Jan 15 to Jan 17.

Apart from this, on 16th Jan,  Tribals and Rural folks along with foreigners and many others will keep Pongal in 40 pots to celebrate the festival. Along with this, students Isha Samaskriti, Isha Home School and Isha Vidhya School will perform cultural programs.