Curative pleas of Delhi Gang rape convict dismissed

Convicts of Delhi gang rape case Vinay Sharma and Mukhesh Singh will breathe their last on January 22 as the Supreme Court dismissed their curative plea today (14.1.2020)

Curative Plea is a petition that is filed to review and revise the judgment of the court. Unlike other petitions, to file this Curative Plea ‘a gross violation of a principle of natural justice by the court’ needs to be proved by the contending party.

The plea filed by the two convicts Vinay Sharma and Mukhesh Singh mentioned the murder case of Jessica Lal and stated that the murderer Manu Sharma was given lifetime imprisonment and not death sentence for the “brutal and unprovoked murder of a defenceless woman” because he was from an influential background. Their plea said that there is inequality in getting justice because of their status.

“The convict (Manu Sharman) was a very powerful person from a political family. This inequity of outcome between the petitioner’s case and those mentioned above highlights the fundamental divide in the criminal justice system where the poor and the weak always suffer the ‘worst punishments’, even when people from other classes are guilty of offences that are barbaric and henious. It also indicates a systematic bias against the poor which has caused prejudice against the petitioner,” the plea read.

Supreme Court Justices R.Banumathi, N.V.Ramana, Aruna Mishara, R.F.Nariman and Ashok Bhushan dismissed the Curative Plea. The day of hanging for the 4 is finalized and on Jan 22, 2020, these rapists will breathe their last.