Cervical cancer screening camp from KMCH to go till Jan end

Cervical cancer is the second most prevalent and common disease among women in the age group of 15 to 44 years. But the comforting fact is that it can be detected through Pap smear test and can be prevented with the help of HPV vaccination. The disease can also be cured with appropriate treatment.

In today’s scenario many women ignore their health. They spend most of their time in household chores and in raising children. Keeping this in mind KMCH, the leading multispecialty hospital in Coimbatore has organized for a Cervical Cancer Screening Camp. The camp is being held at the hospital campus, from 2nd to 31st January 2020. While the Pap smear test is offered at concessional charges, the consultation is offered free of charge.

Women having symptoms of irregular periods, excessive bleeding during periods, continuous bleeding after menopause, loss of weight without reason, continuous pain in abdomen, bleeding after intercourse, white discharge with foul smell, loss of appetite, bleeding between periods may attend this camp and get benefitted and every women in the age of 30years and above can attend the camp. For appointments, call: 733 9333 485