Chakra Gold celebrates Tamil culture with exclusive campaign

In a bid to celebrate the Tamil pride, not only about the language but as a way of life, TATA TEA Chakra Gold unveils a TN-exclusive campaign, conceived by Mullen Lintas.

The film, conceptualized by Mullen Lintas, opens in a traditional meal area of a Tamil function where server, who is placing banana leaf in a certain direction, is stopped by his supervisor who shows the ‘right way’ of placing it. More such life illustrations follow, all showcasing the Tamil penchant for doing every little thing in a certain methodical way and the right manner. The film ends with a scene where we see the same penchant for process being demonstrated by a young boy who copies his father in tying a veshti around his waist, diligently. In all these situations, the most interesting character is played by the VO of an uncle, obsessed with Tamil processes and corrects people whenever they make a mistake.

He is the uncle in every Tamil household whose perception in the family is like a custodian of Tamilian code of life and someone who doesn’t hesitate in calling out the mistake even in most harmless situations. When it comes to the process of making good cup of tea, the ‘Uncle’ recommends Tata Tea Chakra Gold as the tea for Tamilians. Film ends with showcasing all protagonists enjoying the perfect cup of Tata Tea Chakra Gold.

Commenting on the campaign in Tamil Nadu, Puneet Das, Vice President-India, Tata Global Beverages says, “Tata Tea Chakra Gold is a blend specially crafted for Tamilians and celebrates the Tamil way of life. Its new campaign is about evoking regional pride of Tamil Nadu that is rooted in understanding the importance of discipline and processes in the life of a Tamilian. Similarly, Tata Tea Chakra Gold made from a rigorous process enables consumers to make the perfect cup of tea”.

Highlighting the insight behind this campaign, Chief Creative Officers at Mullen Lintas, Garima Khandelwal & Azazul Haque, said “Regional insight and truth of inherent everyday behaviour that evokes pride and empathy as a reason to consume Tata Tea Chakra Gold. It positions the brand as a ‘go to’ tea by keeping the consumer at the center using the analogy of the process followed for making