All is not well with Two-Wheelers sales in Nov ‘19

Only one manufacturer posts positive report of sales

Automobile sales in India is yet to see a positive change, and the state in November especially with two-wheeler manufacturers remain the same. The Year on Year Sales (compared with the corresponding ones from a year earlier) of several 2-wheeler manufacturers have been released and only one manufacturer remains with a positive figure. Let’s take a look.

Hero Moto Corp, India largest Two-Wheeler maker has sold 5,05,994 units on November this year while in Nov 2018 the sale was 6,01,045 units. Hero is down by 16% in Nov 19.

Tamil Nadu’s own TVS Motor Company registered a sale of 1,91,222 units in Nov 19 while it was 2,60, 253 units in Nov 2018. TVS is down by 26.5%

Bajaj Auto posted a sale of 1,76,337 units in Nov 19 while it was 2,05,259 in Nov 18. The Pulsar star registered a fall of 14%.

The heavy-weight bike manufacturer Royal Enfield seemed to suffer the least. The company made a sale of 60,411 units this November while its Nov 18 sales was 65,744 units. The fall was 8%

The sole survivor and the only company to post a positive sales record was Suzuki Motorcycles India. Their Nov 2019 sale was 60,855 while it was 53,058 in Nov 18. The company has seen a 15% rise in this year.

(Reports from Yamaha and Honda are yet to be collected. Figures are on Domestic Sales)