Children should be thought about Priority Management earlier

Dr.P.R.Muthuswamy, Director – Academics, Dr.NGP Educational Institutions

A very few private schools in Coimbatore have the distinction of providing educational services to the people of this city for more than 90 years. PSG Sarvajana School is probably ‘The School’ that has lived for 96 years in the city to nurture children to become focused individuals who in turn change the fate of the society and nation at large. The school celebrated its 96th Annual Day alongside Peelamedu Day, in a high-spirited manner.

Dr.P.R.Muthuswamy, Director – Academics, Dr.NGP Educational Institutions was the Chief Guest. N.Sasi Kumar, Headmaster of the school conveyed a few of the many great men of Tamil Nadu and India who have visited the school as its guest- Kamaraj, Sir C.V.Raman, Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and A.R.Rahman. He mentioned that when Tagore was at Sarvajana, the students of the then batch provided a raised fund of 34 INR for Tagore’s Visva-Bharathi School (which is now equal to buy 5 Sovereigns of Gold) .

P.Narayanaswami, Secretary of the school in his felicitations said the development of Coimbatore was fostered by the Growth of PSG. He mentioned that the day in history is important to both PSG Sarvajana and Peelamedu, which would have remained outdated if PSG Institutions had not stepped in. He said only after PSG Institutions’ arrival, Peelamedu received its bus, rail and medical facilities. He narrated the vision of PSG Trust to bring quality and affordable education that is equal to all in Peelamedu which resulted in Sarvajana’s establishment. He stated that it was built with much opposition from the British,a s the school focused on providing Tamil as its medium of instruction. After paying Rs.3,000 for its establishment () the school began its journey. Post the 10th grade the school offered vocational Engineering courses via PSG Industrial Institute.

The Chief Guest presented in a nutshell of Peelamedu’s history which began in 1711. A year before it, a flood wiped a village where the settlers of Peelamedu were living. Representatives of the catastrophe-grazed village, searched for a replacement of habitat for the people, and in 1711 they settled in what is now called a Peelamedu. “Like how Peelamedu was beacon of hope for the settling people, PSG Institutions especially PSG Sarvajana School is a gift to them, as it provided education for all without any biases”, said Dr.P.R.Muthuswamy, Director – Academics, Dr.NGP Educational Institutions.

In his Chief Guest address, he gave 10 points for the students to follow – “What you think, You Become”. He asked them all to have positive outlook and more of it. He counseled that Good habits are hard to form and easy to leave and urged them to have a moral compass. “ Be Away from Gratification”- He wanted them to ignore things that only give momentary pleasures. “Choose Good Friends”- As friends will be of two kinds; the ones who build us and the others who break us, he wanted them to have friends who urge to do good, inspire us and encourage us to do good and build ourselves for the better. “Power of Subconscious”- The thoughts we store in our subconscious have the tendency to naturally give us what we need. Storing one’s vision and focus inside the subconscious is important.  “ Accepting Tough Love” – He encouraged the students to embrace the tough love that parents and teachers show on them. “Priority Management”- Having our actions prioritized based on its importance and value is important, stressed the Chief Guest. He urged them to learn it from their childhood. “Power of Language Skills” – Having a strong communication skill; especially in English opens doors to wealth of opportunities. He stressed that Verbal Excellence is important in a professional atmosphere. “Never feel inferior”- he opined that no one can make us feel inferior without our permission. We should not let anyone make us feel that way.

He ended his speech with the statement; “Love Yourself and Love Nature”.  Post his speech, the cultural activities took place where the children paraded their talents.