Sri Shakthi Institute honors 200 best school principals

Sri Shakthi Institute of engineering and technology organized Teacher’s Day Celebrations on 28.9.2019 where 200 best principals from government and private schools in the Kongu region were selected and honored.
K.A.Sengottaiyan , Minister of School Education; K.C.Karuppanan, Environmental Minister; V.P.Kandhasamy ,MLA, Sulur constitution and V.C. Arukutty , MLA Koundampalayam Constitution were Chief Guests of this program.

Dr Thangavelu, Chairman, Sri Shakthi College of Engineering in his speech gave a brief note about the educational T.V. channel started by TN’s Education Minister. He stated that Sengottaiyan works 20 hours per day for the betterment of students and students’ life. He spoke about how much the bus transportation system was improved by him when he was Transport Minister.

K.C.Karuppannan, Environmental Minister in his speech stated that teachers are next to god and they work for the betterment of their student’s future. He also requested the teachers to improve the General knowledge of the students. He emphasized that the teachers must make the students read newspaper every day.

K.A.Sengottaiyan , educational minister extended his heartfelt thanks to all the teachers for their selflessness and tireless efforts in helping students. He stated that government is taking steps in teaching martial arts and about good touch and bad touch to the students for their safety. He mentioned that discipline along with education is very important. He explained how the trees are being cut in vast numbers and how the birds are becoming distinct.