Covai can quench thirst of others if we save rain – A.R.Shiva Kumar

Siruthuli- a well-known eco NGO based in Coimbatore organized an awareness session on ‘Rainwater Harvesting’ recently in  Siruthuli, Noyyal Life Centre. A session about the importance and awareness on Rainwater Harvesting was headed  by Former Scientist and Water Management Advisor A.R.Shiva Kumar. Vanitha Mohan, Chairperson, Siruthuli and Members of Siruthuli participated in this event.

He spoke about how civilization started around water bodies and how much we have forgotten that water is our responsibility. In earlier days we went and fetched water from where water is situated. But now, we make water to be supplied to where we are situated. This indirectly proves that we lost the respect for water.

He explained how simple it is to build a Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting plant within a budget of Rs.12,000 to Rs.15,000. He said rain water is purer than any other water and does not expire for years unless they are exposed to light. He mentioned that rain water is sometimes bacteria free too. He extended that rain water is soft water and so it cooks food and boils rice fast saving fuel. He also stated that through rain water harvesting we can recharge and revive all the dead bore wells in India.

He stated that the most common mistake we all do is using bleaching powder to clean tanks . The bleaching powder which is deadly to algae is deadly for us too. Common salt can be the best remedy and is the best poison to kill algae. 1 kg salt is sufficient to clean an entire water tank. Cement tanks are best for Rain Water Harvesting plants and serves the purpose for up to 50-60 years unless there is cracks and leaks.

The quantity of water on earth remains the same since many decades. Not even a single drop of water can be produced or destroyed. Water just changes its form according to the temperature, pressure and based on its surrounding. The belief is that the water we drink today must have gone through minimum of 7 stomachs already. The rain we get in Coimbatore is four times the rain in Rajasthan. Hence we not only have sufficient water but also excess water which we can collect through Rain water harvesting plants and donate /distribute to people and regions facing water crisis.


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