Gifts that groom your life now available at InBloomz

When has any gift lived with us, comforted & benefited us? That happens in rare occasions. Two friends Anitha and Dr.Vidhya have started a gift shop by the name ‘InBloomz’ that redefines what we see as gifts. The Covai Mail sat with the two directors of InBloomz to hear more about the shop.

Anitha is a seasoned software engineer who loves plants dearly and when she gifted 2 of them to Dr. Vidhya Rajan, Managing Director of ELCE Hospitals during a special day, the latter found that as the plants grew, her family too had joined her in watering and tendering it.

“Plants are fantastic stress busters and they have the power to calm the wavering mind” began Dr.Vidhya. “After looking into the present scenario where gifts are only meant to impress and not add value to life at large, we thought that plants could do well as a worthy gift that could benefit both the giver and the receiver. InBloomz has 100+ varieties of in-house plants for everyone.”

As we took a look at the plants, we saw them neatly kept in ceramic cups and small pots that would fit within a plate’s space on a table or an office desk.  “In today’s urban areas there are lesser chances for the up and running busy world to tend for a plant. The ones in the apartments don’t have any actual open space to raise plants. The plants you see here are air purifiers and they have the tendency to absorb pollutants and even toxins. NASA has certified some plants as potential air purifiers. We have them here. These plants do not require much space but only a small part in a quadrant of a table, nor do they require much maintenance”, said Dr.Vidhya.“When a kid gets a normal gift, he plays with it and as time flies he throws it away and the memory goes with it. When a plant is gifted and when the kid is taught to water it, it grows with him. He gets to know the value as it develops and that forms a good habit. We will add a tag with the plants which will have all instructions about the plant so that parents can easily help their kids understand”, extended Dr.Vidhya.

Elaborating on the physical benefits of in-house plants, Anitha said “Even in a corporate ambiance, plants can do wonders. In an office setting where there were zero plants, a study was conducted on the stress level, efficiency and oxygen saturation level in the blood of the workers for a period. When the same setting was introduced to plant lives, there was a drastic change in the performance of the employees, their stress levels were low and the oxygen level in blood was also on a much higher level.”Anitha showed us table terrariums which are like mini garden in a dish. There are varieties to pick one here. So far they have sold over 4000 potted plants in Coimbatore and Chennai. Some of the biggest institutions in Coimbatore frequent the shop, we learned.  The duo are established professionals and InBloomz is a way for them to give back to the society. The whole idea of InBloomz began from the vision to promote a green urban society. Through the Green Urban Foundation, the duo have been taking the value of a serene and sylvan society to children and society at large. They are selling at a very affordable price so that everyone can buy and have a green and clean ambience. The range starts from just Rs.100. So next time you think of gifts, gift something that lives and talks of you for years. For more info, call – 9360256257,9842006728; visit


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