More than 1000 deaths caused due to Heat in France

France’s Health Ministry has announced that 1400 French have died due to heat waves in this summer. According to the ministry, two heat waves occurred this year in different parts of France – first wave occurred in June 24 to July 7 and the second wave on July 21 to 27.

During these periods, the death rate was 9.1% higher than usual. France recorded 45.9 degrees Celsius temperature during this period which is its highest recorded temperature.  Sources reported that 974 deaths among the total were above 70.

It was also found that 10 deaths took place when the people were working outdoors. 8 died in the first wave and 2 in the second. A study found that fewer than 5% of its population have air conditioned houses. Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and UK had higher temperatures than the usual ones. Scientists have conveyed that the world will experience frequent changes in weather caused mainly due to greenhouse gas emissions.