P.Chidambaram posts new Tweets through family

Senior Indian National Congress leader P.Chidambaram, who is jailed in Tihar has posted a couple of tweets through his family members has said no officer has done anything wrong and he did not want anyone to be arrested.

The two tweets popped up in P.Chidambaram’s Twitter account on 9.9.19 at 11:47 a.m. in which he said:

“I have requested my family to tweet on my behalf the following: “People have asked me ‘If the dozen officers who processed and recommended the case to you have not been arrested, why have you been arrested? Only because you have put the last signature?’  I have no answer.

No officer has done anything wrong. I do not want anyone to be arrested.”

It appears that the ‘people’ have asked that why Chidambaram alone in prison if there are many others behind the accused scam. Accused by the CBI and ED for indirectly aiding INX Media get a massive Rs. 300 Crore Foreign Investment which was not in accordance with the law during his time as Finance Minister of the country, the INC’s strongman was sent to Tihar last week.