Indian Bank takes PSG Basketball Trophy home

Indian Army and Indian Bank met in the finals of the 55th PSG Basketball Trophy on 13.8.2019

The PSG Indoor Stadium saw an energetic crowd who were cheering for their favorite teams. The first quarter saw IB’s Hariram opening the game with a 3point which was immediately answered by IA’s Sunil.

In the first quarter the IB Boys lined up the shots and the IA took measures to match them with major contributions coming from Sunil who made a layup and a timely 2 pt but the 1st qtr saw IB lead by 9 points.

Beginning of the 2nd quarter saw IA fight back. Jeethandar and Issac of IA exchanged a beautiful pass and scored a basket and Sunil also added 4 points but Hariram of IB rose to the occasion, cut the pressure that was put on his team and made a 3 pt. His teammates Benny and Bala (#14) added more points and the competition remained in the favor of IB.With zero visible 3 point attempts by IA, the 2nd qtr rested in the favor of IB.

Laxman of IA opened the 3rd qtr with back to back 2 pts and Samsher scoring a 2 pt. IA took the opening of the second half in their favor but Hariram dismantled their Hope. He stepped in the paint, showed his smartness and made a 2pt.

Suresh of IA answered with a shot of his own. The IAs started to draw the fouls and IB was locked in their defense which appeared to be a little physical.

IA’s Suresh made a 3 pt and the game saw Hariram take the ball, breaking the defence and score a scintillating shot and it was evident that the game is going to witness a complete cool showdown from IB with Tamil sending a superb pass to Muin Bek who connected the alley-oop masterfully. Hariram’ s 3 was a statement that IB is on fire.

In the final qtr, Issac and Rahul of IA made good contributions each adding 4 points but IB’s Muin Bek-Benny duo once again connected well and made a beautiful shot. A composed Hariram took a 3 and bang, it erupted the arena. His teammate Suriya got the ball from the rotation set up by Muin and connected a 3pt and he was fouled. With Tamil scoring a 2 , Hariram making a masterful shot from the center and Suriya blocking a shot of IA, the game ended in their favor and saw Indian Bank crowned the Victors.

Hariram won the Best player award and the team took home the cash prize of 1 Lakh Rs and the prestigious PSG Trophy. They received the honors from the Chief Guest Sumit Sharan, Commissioner of Police, Coimbatore City. Also present was L.Gopalakrishnan, Managing Trustee, PSG Institutions and G.Selvarah, President, CDBA and Joint Managing Director, CRI Pumps.