Kikani Institutions conduct Educational Conclave for School Students 

Kikani Institutions organized 2 day Educational Conclave for school students on 9th and 10th August 19. Over 900 students from several schools in the city participated.

Welcoming the gathering,  Tushar Kikani, Correspondent, Kikani Institutions spoke of various problems in our current educational system. The new national education policy is being discussed now at various levels to being about changes in the system. He said that Vidyabhyasa, the educational conclave was an attempt by Kikani Institutions to bring the best of minds in various areas to give a wholesome exposure to students.

The first session was taken by Swami Gyanvatsal, Akshardam, BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir on ‘IQ, EQ and SQ , A Complete Approach to Learning’. He said that intelligence is normally construed in schools and colleges as scoring the highest marks.

The biggest gift of God is the human Body which is capable of high performance. He recalled the 2002 world cup football, where Germany played against Brazil. The German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn had not allowed a single goal past him till the semi-finals. It was the intelligent strategy by the Brazilian team Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho which resulted in them winning the match 2-0. These strategies were created and executed in a short span of time.

It is important that one finds his / her calling and work with passion to exhibit his/her potential. Developing an EQ is equally important. A minute of anger can destroy a relationship with family, colleagues or friends nurtured over several years. People who have greater EQ and people skills are very successful. He also emphasized the need to develop SQ to achieve life’s purpose..

Rohit Swarup, Chairman of Innovation and Research Foundation, Ahmedabad, spoke of ‘Innovation in STEM education & Social Sciences’. It was an interactive session engaging students with tasks and making them think out of the box. He spoke on the importance of students adapting themselves to changing technology that make learning more interesting and effective.  He emphasized on paying more attention on the process rather than the vision which will enable a successful outcome.

Pooja Rai, CEO and Co-Founder of Anthill Creations spoke on “Decoding The Journey – Transforming An Idea Into Reality”. She shared the challenges faced by her as an entrepreneur and how only focus helped her and the team to stay strong and emerge successful. She also spoke on the various organizations (incubators) which are present to help start ups with finance and infrastructure. The session was followed by questions from the student delegates for which Pooja Rai gave her insights.

Seena Thevar spoke on ‘Students, Parents & Teachers – A Bridge to Success’. She emphasized on developing interpersonal skills and spoke of the need for students to interact with parents and teachers and build a strong relationship. Current issues which parents, teachers and students faced were discussed and a psychological approach to smoothen the same was offered as a solution. With an ability to capture the young minds the whole session was all about interaction, fun and enlightenment.

The finale of the conclave was handled by Sukhabodhanandha. He spoke on ‘21st century Education And Habits Of The Mind’. Swamiji spoke on the importance of controlling the mind which plays a key role in achieving success. Swamiji advised students to have a clear state of mind, appreciate humour and live in the present. Real life examples of people who had achieved success, money and fame but failed to live a peaceful personal life were given thereby reiterating that one must be content with what he/she achieves.

The 2 day educational conclave was an eye opener for all the students and staff as the issues they deal with everyday were approached from a different angle thereby giving them a whole new perspective.


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