Alumni of PSG Nursing regroup via Congregate 2k19

With a vision to offer the values the field of Nursing could add to the enterprising people of Coimbatore, and through them add good health and care to the people at large, PSG & Sons’ Charities established PSG College of Nursing in the year 1994.

Since its inception, several thousands of students have graduated from the college who are serving every corner of the world.  The college which is in its 25th year celebrated ‘Congregate 2k19- its Silver Jubilee Grand Get Together in the Seminar Hall of PSG Hospitals.

Alumni from the first batch to the recent, living in different corners of the country and across the globe participated in Congregate 2k19 with their family. Dr. J.S.Bhuvaneswaran, Director, PSG Super Specialty Hospital and Dr. Jayasudha, Principal, PSG College of Nursing presided the event.

Dr. Jayasudha in her address conveyed that to alumni their alma mater is a second home. She highlighted that PSG Nursing’s Alumni are well placed in abroad and proudly stated that they are working hard for the welfare of the world. She thanked the management for ‘PSG Connect’- a digital bridge to connect with Alumni of PSG around the world. She wanted the alumni to collaborate more and gather next year.

Dr. J.S.Bhuvaneswaran also stated that the relationship of a student and the college is that of a child-mother’s. College provides nurturing to students like how a mother provides nourishment through the umbilical cord. Once students finish their degree, the cord is cut but the relationship never changes. He stated that while the West remains too practical and neutral to feelings; Indians give value to emotions and that’s good in many regards. He suggested them to share their love to the college and contribute their knowledge, expertise and support to it.

Words of Alumni:   Nirmala Ravichandran, Faculty, College of Health Sciences, University of Bahrain and Bhavani, Associate Prof, College of Nursing, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Studies(Alumni of 1994,1995 Batch)  said “Without coming to PSG, the vacation would feel incomplete. After parents, it is our college that we like to step in. It is ideal, stress-free and a secured environment. It gave us the courage to venture forward to explore the possibilities.” Nirmala conveyed that the alumni of the college will join together to pool their resources; both academic and fund-wise to give back to their college the care it gave them.

John Jebaraj Matthew , Sr.Staff Nurse, Institute of Mental Health, Singapore  (an alumnus of 1996 batch) said ” I am proud to tell the world I am from PSG College of Nursing. I came all the way from Singapore to attend this event. The staff here molded me well and prepared us all well. The life outside college is different and the world is big. Thanks to my teachers and friends, I am able to thrive. We will definitely provide our contributions to our Alma Mater”

Kavitha Karthick, Clinical Research Specialist, PSG Medical College (an alumnus of 2005) said ” I was determined to step into PSG for M.Sc Community Health Services but I had already got into another college. I gave that college up to be a part of PSG.  I am proud to say that I am the first nurse to qualify in Health Informatics in India. PSG and my faculty have been very encouraging and I am proud to have taken that decision.”

Like this so many memories were rekindled, tears of joy were shed and the alumni rejoiced and thanked the management for this opportunity.


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