Monks wear Robes made from Plastic

Thailand takes new stand against plastic pollution

The world is taking so many measures to put an end to single use plastic pollution. Thailand is one of the countries in the world that generates high amount of plastic waste. At the same time, it is also taking measures to make productive use of the plastic wastes.  The Buddhist Monks in Wat Jak Daeng Temple on Bang Kachao Island in Thailand are wearing robes made from plastic wastes.

Yes, the robes they wear are partly made from plastic bottles.  Workers & volunteers collect single use plastic water bottles. It is then taken to the recycling plant. About 30 1.5 liters of water bottles go into making each set of robes. The recycled materials make upto 30-35% of the garments while the rest is cotton.

Support from big companies and Royal Palace of Thailand funds this initiative. So far 200 robes have been made from the plastic waste. The volunteers plan to make use of plastic waste for even furniture.

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