Rathinam CAS conducts 19th Induction Day

Rathinam College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore is conducting its 19th Induction Day for the freshmen of the college from July 8th to 9th. The program is being held in Rathinam Auditorium.

The Chief Guest of the inaugural was Padma Shri Mylswamy Annadurai, Vice President, Tamil Nadu State Council For Science & Technology, Chennai & Former Director, ISRO Satellite Centre, Bengaluru.

R.Muralidharan, Principal, Rathinam CAS welcomed the gathering. Madan A.Sendhil, Chairman, Rathinam Group delivered the Presidential Address.

He said that Rathinam is trying to create an ecosystem that focuses on producing individuals with entrepreneurship spirit through its refined academic system.

He mentioned that the freshmen are entering an important phase of their lives and the time they are in right now will be different from the time they will step in their career.

He emphasized that the nation’s standards will be defined by the youngsters’ contributions as India will have the highest youth population than any other country. “You all have a great responsibility to do to your country”, he said.

“At present there are many challenges in our nation; be it food, environment and social challenges. I personally believe science and sports can bring the solutions to our problems. They will bridge everyone.

Development of Science can solve social needs and problems while growth in sport-achieevements will solve individual health issues. The health index of today’s population is poor. Though sports, health and team-building could be achieved.

I welcome my freshers to pursue science to the extreme level. We will support you in your science, sport and entrepreneurial aspirations. I am here in my chamber where you can approach me. I welcome to all the parents and students to Rathinam” he ended.

Prof.Manickam, CEO, Rathinam CAS emphasized elaborately the uniqueness of the college to the gathering. He conveyed the academic achievements of Rathinam CAS in NIRF rankings released by Ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt of India. Through a presentation he gave the highlights of studying at Rathinam Group of Institutions.

The Chief Guest of the inaugural said Rathinam has everything the students would need to develop themselves to reach their destination.

He said the Americans failed 5 times, Russia failed 3 times, China and Japan couldn’t make it to the moon but India did it in its first attempt.

He said Former President of US Barrack Obama once said that Indians would bring first the next technological infrastructure the world-nations would need if American minds fail to do so. Such is the possibility Indians have.

He emphasized to the freshmen about making use of opportunities that Rathinam provides.

“Life is binary, we can either go up or go down. We need to raise high. To reach our destination, we need determination. Every moment we delay, our destination distances itself. We need to have the right speed and right direction to land on our destiny. For that to happen, we need to make use of our opportunities. Doing that will open the doors to success”, he stressed.

He advised the students to make use of smartphones in a positive and productive way. “Sacrifice what stops you from succeeding now. Focus on your academics, read the texts in advance prior to it being taken in class. Where you stumble,raise questions on those topics, so that you get a clear understanding.” he suggested.

“Make use of every opportunity to make your own identity”, he concluded.

Kumudha Devi, Dean Commerce, proposed the Vote of Thanks.

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