The habits you follow now, follows you till death; good or bad

Vincent, Deputy Superintendent of Police, NIB- CID, Coimbatore

PSG College of Nursing organized an awareness program in the PSG IMSR Auditorium on Drug abuse in connection with the International Day Against Drug & Illicit Trafficking to the students belonging to the Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy and Medicine stream on 26.06.2019.

R.Vincent, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Narcotics Intelligence Bureau – Crime Investigation Department, Coimbatore was the resource person for this event.

R.Vincent addressed the gathering and said that drug abuse today could be found in many places but mostly it occurs in colleges. He mentioned the types of drugs available in market such as Natural Drugs, Semi Synthetic and Synthetic drugs.  He stressed that drugs make Great people average and average into dumb.

He said the Marijuana (Ganja) that comes to Tamil Nadu from a part of Telegana but the BSF is doing their best in preventing its entry. “The cannabinoid content in Ganja and other narcotics, psychotropic substances stimulate the brain and alters the mood, gives an illusionary feel and slowly starts to affect the nervous system. There are drugs called as LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) that are small stamp like paper. A small portion of it costs Rs.8000, gives a state of pleasure for 4-5 hours and kills the consumer in just 5 years”

“We arrested a gang near Pollachi, who were involved in a rave party. We seized drugs such as MDMA powder, pills , cocaine, Charas, LSD and Hashish oil. The imprisoned will spend 20 years in jail. Youngsters need to avoid these practices and think about their family. People need to avoid these drugs and if they are already into this, they must come out of it.  We believe that Cure is better than punishment.”, said R.Vincent.

He said drugs spoil a person’s character and behavior.  ” Addicts become irresponsible, argumentative, lie compulsively, become solitary and blabber when they speak. Drugs don’t just break the user’s life but extends the same to his family, makes them lose their reputation, spoils education and in some cases turns them to criminals, make them cause harm to others such as road accidents and domestic violence while also corrupting the user’s health” He also elaborated on the severe punishment drug users will have to face.

He extended, “All the friends you will get in the college life will come from different parts of the country with different habits. The habits you follow when you are at the age between 18 and 21 will follow till the end of your life whether it is good or bad. Be careful with the lifestyle others try to add into yours, avoid poor friendship, Have self-esteem and high goals and make your parents proud”