Society turns blind but media takes the bullet

There was an attack about the Tamil Nadu Media (Newspapers and News Channels) in Twitter, stating that they act so cheap like a harlot. A specific derogatory hash-tag was created and it was used to send 57,000 mean tweets that became a trending twitter phenomena.

The intention behind calling News Channels and Papers harlot was because in the common public’s opinion, they believe that News Channels and Papers don’t tell the news that matters but tell what they are paid to tell by either politicians or by conglomerates.

The papers and channels that are run by politicians of Tamil Nadu only talk about the glories of their masters. A huge number of News Channels and papers are owned by either politicians directly or by those who are allied to them but in this State, there are many News organizations that remain true to their readers and reflect what happens in the society as it is to them.

When the reason for that hash-tag to make such waves was looked upon, it was found that the people behind the hash-tag have a common notion that some papers and channels have spoken about a celebrity association’s election in huge way while the existing water crisis and other social issues have not been spoken much. This has incited the public because of the amount of space and time slot given by the media.

Social media has become that needed mic(rophone) for the society and now the people are voicing their thoughts louder and without any limitations; which in a way is good. But around the time the water crisis became such an issue, there were a wildly great many social media users who took to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and what not to celebrate a celebrity’s birthday a week ahead. On the other hand, there was a legion of another star who wanted to show off their strength via tweets and posts against the birthday-expecting star..

When the first look poster of a movie was released, it was again the top trending topic on Twitter to which the other gang started lifting their hero’s banner high on Social networks.

Newspapers and Channels, have not ignored their part. They have covered the issue of water crisis well ahead and are still talking about it everyday but that alone is not how the media operates. It operates on topics that matters and interests the larger part of society.

And that larger part of society is interested in Cinema Star clubs’ election, First looks posters and TV Reality Shows. News channels and Papers aren’t making use of the opportunity to exploit what fans like but add more to what they like.

A paper or a channel has to give to the society what matters to it and a great many of us wants to know what would happen in the Bigg Boss House than what is happening in the Houses in the Parliament of India.

śśYet newspapers and channels have always maintained balance between its commercial news and essential news. But who decides which news should be covered more? YOU…. The common folk. For a paper to run, it needs to provide what the society is looking for.

A considerable number of News Channels and Papers aspire to be true to journalism and to the people work really hard to bring to the people the happenings of society that the readers and viewers would like to know more about. A news about a celebrity reaches instantly while a social issue takes time. Who decides which news should be trending? YOU…

Cinema on the other hand is thought to be a reflector of what happens in society and celebrities are revered by us. Cinema sometimes shows truth but in totality it is a creative form that sometimes draws inspiration from the happenings of society and gives an imaginary artistic exaggeration to everything, and that entertains us.

Newspapers and TV Channels cannot do that. While Cinema can say what could/might happen, the latter can only inform to the people what there is, as it is.

When the attitude towards cinestars change, maybe then people will show interest in what really matters. The media is doing its part and will work for the society’s benefit and knowing in all streams no matter how hard it is blamed.

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