Godrej Agrovet launches HITWEED MAXX

Followed by the success of the indigenously developed and patented cotton herbicide – Hitweed, Godrej Agrovet launched HITWEED MAXX – a herbicide that controls most of the major weeds of cotton, giving the crop weed-free growth period of 25-30 days thereby translating in to superior weed control and low cost of weed management as compared to conventional methods.

Cotton farming has always been labour intensive, a fact that is known to many. However, due to low awareness about nuances of technology and reliance on manual/mechanical weed management, marginal farmers struggle with low productivity. The growth of weeds during the early stages of the crop poses a major problem since they compete for vital nutrients. As a result, the crop yield could reduce and might not meet the farmer’s expectations.

HITWEED MAXX is completely safe on cotton crops. It checks weed competition during the critical period of crop growth & effectively controls both broad-leaved as well as narrow-leaved weeds and results in higher productivity. It also offers long duration of control, which in turn bestow peace of mind and better economy to the farmers.


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