Bill Gates recommends 5 books for you

World’s second richest man Bill Gates wife Melinda Gates’ book The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World has become The New York Times Bestseller but the suggestion by the mogul does not include that. What he has in his suggestions includes books from personal selection.

  1. The Future of Capitalism

This book was written by world-renowned economist Paul Collier. He gives an honest analysis of the many failures of great economic system in history.  Bill says, “Although I don’t agree with (Collier) about everything,… his background as a development economist gives him a smart perspective on where capitalism is headed”

  1. Upheaval: Turning Points for Nations in Crisis

Authored by International best-selling writer, Jared Diamond, the book tells the story of how six countries discussed in the book have survived chaos. Jared  has lived and spoken  the languages in five of the six countries discussed here and through his encounter with the country he has been able to present his first-hand experiences.

“It sounds a bit depressing, but I finished the book even more optimistic about our ability to solve problems than I started.”, says Bill.

  1. Nine Pints: A Journey Through the Money, Medicine, and Mysteries of Blood

“If you get grossed out by blood, this one probably isn’t or you”, says Gates.

In this book author Rose George takes about blood and many stories that deal with it. Rose talks about Janet Vaughan, who set up the world’s first system o mass blood donation during the Blitz. She also talks about Coimbatore’s Arunachalam Muruganantham on whom the film Padman is made.

  1. A Gentleman in Moscow

Written by Amor Towles, Bill Gates comments that “It seems like everyone I know has read this book. I finally joined the club after my brother in law sent me a copy, and I’m glad I did” . It’s surprisingly upbeat

  1. Presidents of War

Written by Michael Beschloss, this book is an assortment of America leaders who took the country for a spin. “Beschloss’s broad scope lets you draw important cross-cutting lessons about presidential leadership”, says Bill.

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