I will strive & serve for the people -P.R. Natarajan, Member of Parliament, Coimbatore Constituency

The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore organized the felicitation in honor of P.R. Natarajan, Member of Parliament, Coimbatore Constituency in the Chamber Hall.

Members of the Indian Chamber and various organizations and associations of Coimbatore conveyed their wishes to the P.R.Natarajan.  Accepting the honor, he thanked everyone. He appreciated the opportunity provided by the ICCIC to plant a sapling during the World Environment Day.

He said he will take to the parliament the troubles faced by GST when a job order is taken by industries.  Many requests have been made by the members of ICCIC, to most of which P.R.Natarajan said he’ll give his support in the coming days and for those that can’t be done, he said he’ll consider giving support.

“Those who undertake’ job works’ don’t produce purchase and sell anything. But they are paying huge amount of GST.  Around 50,000 jobs and 5 lakh workers have lost their employment. Minimum GST is fine but they cannot afford to pay 28% GST.  You industrialists have a major share in the growth of this city and regarding GST this is my stand. I’ll request for a zero percent GST for Job Orders” said P.R.Natarajan.

Night train from Coimbatore to Bengaluru was also a request submitted in front of the MP. He said “this train- Coimbatore to Bengaluru Night Train was already sanctioned by Lalu Prasad when he was the Railways minister in 2007. But due to congestion traffic inside Bengaluru it has been delayed. We will ask the authorities to allow us to let the train reach until the Bengaluru Cantonment this time. There will also be a request made on receiving a Coimbatore-Madurai Intercity train.”

He also said that when A.K.Antony, was the Defence Minister,  he requested him  to not look for anywhere else, for defence related spare parts orders that were  worth Rs.36,000 crores, and turn his attention to Coimbatore which is a leader in Mechanics and Engineering.

“Now, Coimbatore should be given that opportunity and when the union budget is being considered, I’ll try to make an appointment with the hon’ble finance minister and the representatives of ICCIC should be ready to talk with her”, said  Natarajan.

Before concluding he said “It is democracy that has given me this privilege to be here and I will strive or them.”

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