Pay more if you stay more at Taj

A new rule has been imposed on the time limit of tourists who visit the Taj Mahal. If

tourists and entrants to this world famous site, exceed their allocated stay, that is more
than 3 hours, they should pay additional charges once they exit the Taj The rule comes
from Archeological Survey of India.
As per sources, 14 turnstile gates have been introduced in the Western and Eastern gates
for the visitors to leave while 5 gates are placed for the exit. Meanwhile exclusive gates
are maintained for the visiting tourists to exit.

The entrance token received at the entrance of the monument or obtained via online
clearly mentions the time allocated for the visit. The time stipulation was already in
existence but it was not followed. Earlier, visitors were allowed to enter 30 minutes after
the sunrise and leave the Taj 30 mins before the sunset. But the new rule will see the
myriad visitors leave on proper timing.

Every day, approximately 22,000 visitors enter the monument and a majority stays till the
closing. The rule would make people leave the site at the time they are ought to but it
could also affect the amount of visitors. A trail on the timely exit via the turnstile gates
was conducted on a weekend which had double the usual visitors and it was smoothly