Piracy kills a good film, fans ask for resurrection

A Twitter user recently tweeted to Director Cheran that he saw his latest movie Thirumanam and it was amazing. The user commented that it tells what is life and all families should try to watch it.  The director responded saying that the film was given only a short life and did not do well in theaters . He remarked that moviegoers hadn’t shown interest in watching it.

He conveyed via several tweets that moviegoers didn’t express interest in watching it which led to the theater owners pulling the film away from the screens very soon.  When he thought of re-releasing the film, there were no screens available at that time, he said. “Now everyone has seen the film via pirated means”, the director expressed his sadness.

When everyone celebrates my film now, calling it a fantastic work, the amount of Joy I get is lesser than the anger I get because people have a feeling that they can watch it in pirated copies. Some of his followers had asked him to go for digital platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

The recent Hollywood blockbuster Avengers Endgame was released a day before its theatrical release and many speculated that it could harm the box office collection. But fans visited theaters to watch the film in all its splendid glory. There is a huge welcome for English films while we have given only a minor part of it to our films. We shouldn’t be the cause or the destruction of something that is beautiful. It is time we start treating our own films with respect and see them in theaters.