12,915 Votes in the election become invalid

4.35 lakh teachers and government employees have took part in conducting the Lok Sabha Election 2019 but among them, only 4.10 lakh have voted and in that the votes of 3,92,291 have been accepted while 12,915 votes have been deemed invalid by the Election Commission of India.

When a teacher from Chennai filed a case against this at the Chennai High Court, he mentioned that the teachers and government employees who worked in conducting the elections were  not given the adequate forms to vote via post (Application Form 12 and 12 A) . He made it a request that the forms should be given again to those who didn’t receive and their votes should also be added.

The Election Commission of India had said that due to improper filing of forms and discrepancies in the information given found during verification have been the cause for the invalidation of the votes of the 12,915 people.