Is this the reason we don’t see many Tamilians in Railway Jobs?

There have been several claims by many people in Tamil Nadu that the vacant jobs in Southern Railways are being served to the Northerners in a platter. Recently, news broke out that many Northerners have cleared their Tamil Exams and a majority of them have even scored a perfect 100 in railway qualification exams.  After a mild public agitation in Tamil Nadu that jobs of the people of Tamil Nadu are being offered to Northerners, the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court asked the Southern Railway to answer.

The statement from the Southern Railway is that the number of people applying for Railway related jobs in Tamil Nadu is low and those who appear for the exams qualify less in number.  For instance, the amount of people who had applied for the post of Railway Constable and Railway Sub-Inspector from Tamil Nadu is just 11.5% whereas the amount in Andhra and Telegana were 21% and 20.5%.

It was also said that the youth of Tamil Nadu who predominantly prefer Engineering don’t show interest in Railway related works while Northerners express interest in these jobs more.