You can hire a ‘flying-taxi’ from 2025

Ever imagined the possibility of using the sky like roads, Mini Aircrafts carrying people to shorter places just like how you do with Ola or Uber?  If that is a dream to you, in just 6 years it will become a reality and one of the companies that could bring you that is Lilium –  a German Start-Up that specializes in the Air Taxi concept.

Recently, a 28 second video was released online by Lilium in which one of their prototype air-taxi took of vertically and it reached approximately 12 feet in height and it landed.  Many in the industry have stated that this will be followed by bigger accomplishments.

Lilium’s Jet is completely electric and its current model that is said to be a standard one is a five-seater and has been built to carry the luggage of the traveller too. In total, the jet has 36 individual engines that enable the vertical propulsion effortless and cool.

The Jet can cover 300 kilometers in an hour and the top speed of the Jet is 300 kilometers/hour.   Lilium is in plans to make their Jet available on-demand via app based bookings by 2025. Its next plan in hand after this successful vertical takeoff and landing is to conduct a successful horizontal flying test.

Although it could take upto 2025 for the Munich based Company to achieve that perfect Star-Wars like flight, once everything with the Jet is validated, it would be party-time for everybody. One of Lilium’s goal is to “Make Urban Air Mobility a reality”.

Talking about the safety, the company states,  “Safety is non-negotiable and, like commercial jetliners, the Lilium Jet is being certified to standards set by independent government bodies, such as the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Europe and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) in the United States. These standards continue to ensure that traveling by air remains the safest form of transport. The Lilium Jet is built on the principle of ultra-redundancy, with 36 independent engines and a triple-redundant flight control, meaning the safety of the aircraft would not be compromised by the very unlikely failure of any one component.”

According to Remo Gerber, Chief Commercial Officer, Lilium, the Jet makes less than 2% noise of a helicopter and it doesn’t affect the air quality like conventional aircrafts do. The startup has received more than 85 Million Pounds as investment since 2015 and is revving to reach the sky in 2025.