Summer Heat sends Tusker down to Mettupalayam – Connoor Road

Due to the rise in heat during this summer has made the forests in the Mettupalayam forest region (which comes under Coimbatore Forest Zone) dry. Because of this situation, elephant herds come down from the mountains in search of food and water and they enter the nearby villages, unintentionally causing damage to the fields in the process.

Recently,a male elephant was in search of food and water near the Odandhurai Village in Mettupalayam. As it took time to slowly roam the road side and then move away into the forest,  the commuters via that road were delayed by an hour due to the Tusker.

While it has been advised by the Forest Department Officials to not click selfies when elephants are crossing the road sides, many bikers and car drivers took the time to take a snap with the Tusker.  The Forest Department has further asked the riders to be aware and safe when they travel on mountain road sides.