Nepali climbs Mt.Everest for the 23rd time

While it is extremely difficult to climb Mt.Everest, the World’s Highest Peak, for just once; Kami Rita Sherpa, a Nepali has scaled the peak for the 23rd time and has raised the stakes high for the adventurists to reach to his record.

Belonging to a village called Thame in the foothills of Mt.Everest, Kami climbed Everest through the Southeast Ridge route and stood on top of the peak at 29,000 feet. The 49 year-old is not in any plans to rest with his 23rd climb. Earlier,  he said to the Reuters that he wants to climb it even more now.

” I am still strong and want to climb Sagarmatha 25 times,” Kami said, calling Mt.Everest in his native name.