From June 1, no petrol for bikers who don’t wear helmet

Bikers will not be able to get petrol in fuel station from June 1 if they fail to wear helmet in Noida and Greater Noida . This announcement has come from the District Administration of the city after Brajesh Narain Singh, the District Magistrate of Noida held a meeting with the owners of filling station.

“Those who reach your fuel stations without helmet should be told that they will only get fuel if they wear a helmet. This practice will be implemented from June 1 in Noida and Greater Noida cities initially,”, the District Magistrate said.

It was also reported that if the bikers fail to wear helmets and enter the petrol bunk, their vehicle’ s license plate number will be monitored via the CCTV Camera and legal action will be taken against them which could result in suspension of their driving license .

If they force the personnel at the petrol bunks to fuel their tanks, stricter actions will be taken and they could even be jailed under section 151 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

This rule will be applicable even if the pillion rider also fails to wear helmet. The District Administration has asked the Owners of the fuel stations to convey to the public about this order. The Owners of the bunks have been advised by the administration to keep their CCTV camera systems in pristine condition so that it will be easy to identify those who break the law.