Personalized Ads to assemble in your Google’s Mobile Apps soon

18 years ago, Google introduced Google Ads via which many traders placed their advertisements and Google made its fortunes through it.  Advertisements are a major source of income to many online free services such as Google and Facebook. As of late, Social Networking Sites have secured a massive share via online advertisement revenue.

In order to tackle it, Google is in plans to introduce advertisements through its Google Mobile Apps.  The Reuters reported that Alphabet Inc’s Google will begin featuring ads on the homepage of its smartphone app worldwide later this year.

Since the dawn of smartphones, shopping via online has become incredibly instant. With online shoppers finding their shopping- wonderland in amazon, Flipkart and other services, Google has felt the need to update its game.

In the coming months, we will see newer and personalized ads in the Discover feature that is in the Google App.  As of late, the discover feature presents news feeds based on the user’s search activities and preferences he/she makes like requesting daily weather info , score updates of interested sports team  and much more.

But in the near future there will be ads in the Discover news feed that are also personalized to catch the attention of the user. These ads will also be visible in YouTube and in GMail’s promotion tab as well.