Detective Pikachu Vs The Avengers, Avatar hides behind

Avengers Endgame is looking to dethrone Avatar as the all-time box office king of the world but it is going to face a strong competition from Detective Pikachu, an adaption of the famous cartoon series of the early 2000s. Avengers Endgame has brought in 2.3 Billion USD and is looking to make it to the top. But the problem with Endgame in terms of dominating the box office is two-fold; online piracy and legit competition from WB’s Pokemon flick.

The fans of Pokemon are awaiting to see the flick while the Marvel  thirst among the fans has been quenched. Detective Pikachu is armed with a huge fan craze for the titular character Pikachu who is voiced by Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds. Rotten Tomatoes has given it a score of 66% while fans  have given it a score of 96%. Box Office Mojo has reported that this movie will earn a 50-55 Million USD opening.

Though not as powerful as Endgame, the cartoon come-to-life movie will be a competitor for the next two weeks. Meanwhile, Avatar’s sequels are under heavy production and James Cameron who tweeted to Marvel Studios said ” To Kevin and Everyone at Marvel. An Iceberg sank the real Titanic, It took the Avengers to sink my Titanic. Everyone here at Lightstorm Entertainment salutes your amazing achievement. You have shown that the movie industry is not only alive and well , it is bigger than ever.”

The Avatar is the world’s no.1 highest grossing movie of all time with 2.7 Billion USD and it’s 4 sequels are getting ready to hit from 2021.