84 year old single-handedly saves 20 million liters of water

Summer is elevating the heat level to greater heights every year and we understand the value of water mostly on summer-times and we then ignore it. 84 year old Aabid Surti belongs to the section of conscious people, who realize that water needs to be saved by us every single day.

Aabid not just realizes his role but lives up to it. He has singlehandedly saved 20 million liters of water.

But who is this old man, you may ask. Well he is a painter, writer, cartoonist and an eco-warrior. He is going door-to-door and correcting leaky faucets for free. He decided to do this after he became fed up with hearing that dripping sound from the faucets at his surrounding annoy him, during his childhood. He says that it felt like someone is hammering him.

So he started Drop Dead Foundation. He hires a plumber, goes door to door and with the help of his plumber fixes the faucets of thousands of people for free and he finds its really joyful to stop their water-taps from leaking water into gutter. Initially he began with his friend’s house.

One of his friends asked him “Aabid why are you worrying about few drops that are going down? It is bot the entire Ganges, right?” Aabid says “I grew up on the pavement and I have seen fights for just one bucket of water.”

Aabid is a National Award winning author and he uses the money from his own pocket to achieve this end. He says “When you are full of love to do something for society, God becomes your fundraiser.”