Chennai Metro employees’ strike causes disruption in service

The employees of Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) are in protest against the management for dismissing 8 of its employees yesterday (29.04.2019).  The protest began on the evening of 29.04.2019 following which the metro users returned home delayed. The protest is still going on and the management of CMRL has said that all inter-corridor train services between Chennai Central and Chennai Airport has been suspended momentarily due to technical issues and it will be resolved soon.

So what was the cause of dismissing the 8 employees?

Well the statement from the Chennai Metro Rail Limited Employees Union (CMRLEU) is that, the formation of The Union for CMRL employees has irked the management and for that some specific 8 members have been dismissed.

It also raised question on why outsourcing of employees for metro are done and why is a huge pay given to the contract-workers (Rs.68,000)  while the CMRL can easily recruit trained, full-time, permanent employees for standard pay (Rs. 28,000)

As per sources, this will be an indefinite strike and until the objectives of the union are met. The usual Metro passengers could face some disturbances.