Tik Tok scenario shows our mind is the real abuser of technology

Tik Tok was banned in India after the Madras High Court had brought it to the front about its tendency to lead to exposure of pornography. The public of the nation were worried that the app has the potential to expose children to obscene content and even affect them in many ways.

The Madras High court banned it but the ban was lifted by the court last week after the parent company of Tikok – Bytedance assured that it will upgrade its privacy protection norms and will respond to any complaint over content in three to 36 hours.  The ban was in effect for not more than a week.  The court worryingly said that our country doesn’t have the legislation to protect children in cyberspace.

Bytedance has said that it will make sure that no nude/obscene content is uploaded to its server and it assured its technology will prohibit pornography. The app was unavailable for download even after the ban was revoked. Now the option is available. Bytedance  also reported that in the brief ban, it has suffered a loss of $500,000

We learned two things from it: our country doesn’t have the legislation to protect children in cyberspace (yet) ; it is men who abuse Tik-Tok  and not the other way around. The right use and the intended purpose of a product is abused by the user and not by anyone or anyone else. We live in a time where people with enough age-maturity make mistakes. If aged folks are bound to fall prey to the mind, what can innocent kids do?

Parents who take enough precautions to avoid their children from eating junk foods at least till they are mature and healthy enough to combat its effects, must make sure they don’t give their smartphones until they are matured and have enough awareness to handle the world.