Gaja affected Pudupalli independently installs water purifying station

The people of Pudupalli have set exhibited the spirit of independence and empowerment by installing a water purifying station on their own following the lack of support by the government; we learned as per our sources.

The aftermath of Gaja has been cruel and the villagers of Pudupalli in Nagapatinam Dist. have suffered greatly without fresh water. The mud and water from the Sea during the Gaja Floods had entered their land in huge quantity and it has affected normalcy of their water. The water has turned salty and hazardous for consumption.

The villagers made representations to the authorities but they did not get any solution to their crisis. There was a situation during which the Pudupalli villagers had to go to neighboring villages to get fresh water, which was not an easy task.

With the scorching summer at present, the villagers decided to take matters in their own hands and collected funds around Rs.2 Lakhs from the inhabitants of the village and installed a Water Purification Station. It is installed in the Community Hall of Pudupalli and the residents themselves inaugurated the station without calling any guests.

They have taken up the responsibility of maintaining the station on a rotational basis too.  Villagers of Pudupalli have taken a revolutionary approach and it is highly laudable. We think villagers are less-educated, lack innovation and much more but they have proven that spirit of unity and endeavor is what we as a society needs to trump and triumph over troubles.