Rotary Metropolis & Ganga Hosp. give hope for 440 fire accident victims

Rotary Club of Coimbatore Metropolis and Ganga Hospitals joined together and started a medical project called “Hope After Fire” in the year 2012. Its core objective was to offer free Reconstructive Surgeries for correction of deformities caused by burns due to fire accident. In short it is an act of  generous medical service to the deserving in the society.

Recently Rotary Metropolis and Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore held the Annual Beneficiary Meetings where the patients who through the benevolence of this “Hope After Burn” project, received their confidence, dignity and independence back took the stage and offered their heartfelt gratitude to Rotary and Ganga Hospital. This event was held in the Ganga Auditorium in the hospital premises.

Marabin Maindhan Muthaiya, Editor, Namadhu Nambikkai who is a famed writer & Motivational Speaker was the Chief Guest of this event.

The birth of this project “Hope After Fire” actually took place in 2012 when the then president of Rotary Metropolis Rtn. Venkatesh and Dr.S.Raja Sabapathy, Chairman, Division of Plastic Hand, Reconstructive Microsurgery & Burns, Ganga Hospital were on flight. The two men wished to provide relief to those suffering burn.

It was conveyed that 10 lakh people suffer from major burns in India every year while 1.8 lakh of them die meanwhile the survivors about 60% will have to live with severe deformities. Deformities especially in face and hands destroys confidence and independence. So to provide an aid and put an end to the heavy suffering in the lives of these patients, Rotary Metropolis and Ganga have collaborated together for the past 7 years and have so far healed 440 needy patients. 727 reconstructive surgeries have been done and so far Rs.3.60 Crores have been magnanimously spent by the service minded Metropolis and supportive Ganga to bring smiles in the patients’ lives.

Rtn. K.K.Chugh, President of Rotary Metropolis welcomed the gathering. Dr.S.Raja Sabapathy highlighted the 7 years achievements of this project via a Presentation. He thanked all the beneficiaries who had come to attend the event. He conveyed to the gathering that this project has been a tremendously successful one because of the generosity of the donors. He said patients from several states of India have come to the hospital to get cured of their deformity caused by fire accidents. He showed the pre and post surgery photos of several patients.

Unimaginable pain is what they all must have undergone and even painful should have been the times to live as a victim of the fire tragedy. Some of the people in attendance could not watch the injured state pictures as their eyes were blurred by the tears caused by compassion. Dr.S.Raja Sabapathy said the combined efforts of Metropolis and Ganga have eased those pain and for 7 years the project has run successfully. It has even been discussed about widely in the Indian Journal of Burns for its sustainity and successful treatments.

Following his speech came the testimonies of beneficiaries. Tears of joy and profound sense of gratitude were visible in their eyes and they all thanked the partnering organisations. Noteworthy is the statement made by Maha Lakshmi from Dharmapuri. She received treatment under this project, gained confidence, became a nurse in Ganga Hosp., and now she is earning her own bread and butter. She said “Do help others who are suffering now like I suffered once, by contributing what you can from your wealth, I WILL CONTRIBUTE WHAT I CAN” Those words received a thunderous applause. This is what this project is all about- Transforming Lives for the betterment of one and all.

Marabin Maindhan Muthaiya addressed the gathering. He congratulated Rotary and Ganga Hosp, and extended the same to the beneficiaries. “If you have been saved by God from the mouth of flames, then there is something worth to be done you in this world still”, he motivated the minds of the beneficiaries.

He called the philanthropic donors as God’s chosen instrument to heal the world. “There are 2 types of people; one who prays to God and one to whom God tells to help others” he appreciated the donors and asked them to continue their selfless service to the society.

“Money’s value lies not in owning it but by owing it for good purpose that benefits others.” he remarked. He said this project is where contributions and competence meets and he lauded the initiative by Rotary Metropolis and Ganga. “The skills are here, the donors are here and the needy are here. Just like how our own shadow cannot give us shade, so is our own enormous wealth which will remain useless in the afterlife. Donate it so that atleast others may benefit and you may gain the Almighty’s blessings” he concluded.

Rtn.Janakiram Raju, Secretary, Rotary Club of Coimbatore Metropolis proposed Vote of Thanks. The event came to an end thus with the National Anthem. Remarkable was the program. We have all the gifts to shape our lives but we complain whilst there are thousands of people who strive with a smile every day with hope after fire. This event has surely opened our eyes. Let us be contributors and be compassionate.


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